Monday, 7 March 2016

Recruitment new teachers for CST

The recruitment season is well under way and I will write to parents before Easter with an updated staffing list. Mrs Morgan published an article warning of a recruitment crisis in the Sunday papers. 

Addressing the ASCL’s annual conference, Mrs Morgan said: “while the headline data shows a sustained low, national vacancy rate, the reality on the ground for many heads is that they are struggling to attract the brightest and the best." She acknowledged that the cost of recruiting can be a burden when schools have “other, better things to be spending money on," adding that £40bn is to be spent on education in the next financial year, a figure representing “the highest amount this country has ever spent on its schools.” On fears that highlighting recruitment issues may put people off of becoming a teacher, the Education Secretary said: “Let's focus on commenting to the outside world on what a great profession teaching is, how rewarding it can be and what good teachers have the power to do."
The Mail on Sunday   The Independent on Sunday, Page: 14

I need to remind myself constantly that we are very lucky to be able to attract such large and able fields of applicants. Most schools struggle to attract a handful of applications for mathematics jobs and we had 25! Over the last few weeks we have shortlisted from over 200 applications for the following vacancies:

Deputy Headteacher Primary School

We spend a lot of time and money on recruitment but there is no more important job.

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